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Taylin Gaulden ( conceived March 19, 2017 ) is a notable online media character, commonly known as the third child of an American Rapper, vocalist, and musician Kentrell DeSean Gaulden also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, and her mother Nia. His dad Kentrell, YoungBoy’s mixtape, AI YoungBoy 2, came to at number one on the US Billboard 200, making him the most-watched vocalist in 2019. He has expected total assets of $6 million.

About Taylin and His Parents

Afterward, It demonstrated he was the organic dad of Taylin. Tay has four kin from his dad issues with three unique ladies, they are Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander. Taylor’s dad Kentrell is a renowned American rapper, artist, and musician however not much is been aware of his mom Nia. Kentrell was named the most-watched vocalist in 2019, and earned a ton of consideration after the arrival of his well-known melody Win or Lose’s a music video.

Has Four Half-Siblings

Taylin Gaulden shares four other half-kin named Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden.

Kayden likewise named Draco is the oldest child of Kentrell and his ex-Nisha. He was brought into the world on fourth July 2016 in the United States. Kamron is the second offspring of NBA YoungBoy and his sweetheart Starr Dejanee. He was brought into the world in the United States on July 19, 2016.

Yet, turn out that his girlfriend deceived him, after a DNA test, it was found that Kamron, otherwise called Baby K, isn’t YoungBoy’s organic kid. Notwithstanding, the rapper expressed that he would bring up this kid as his own. Also on July sixth, 2017, Kentrell invited his fourth kid Kamiri with his better half Starr. Finally, Kacey’s most youthful kid was brought into the world on February 13, 2019, with his ex Jania.

Taylin Gaulden Net Worth

The VIP kid is as yet developing, in this manner he hasn’t started to procure yet. He shares the total assets of his dad as he is tiny to be associated with any sort of business and work. Taylin presently lives in Los Angeles with his dad and half-kin. Though, Taylin Gaulden’s father YoungBoy NBA’s total assets are assessed to be $6 million which is aggregated from his fruitful profession as a rapper.

Taylin Gaulden
Source: washingtonindependent.com

Taylin Gaulden Had A Car Accident

On June 26, 2018, Taylin, otherwise called Tay, was in a horrendous vehicle mishap with his dad Kentrell and mother Nia. While driving, his father YoungBoy failed to keep a grip on his Lamborghini and collided with a tree off the street and the Lamborghini flipped over, however, fortunately, nobody was truly stung.

Also, on May 12, 2019, Taylin’s dad was almost killed in a gunfight at Trump International Beach Resort. Kay Marie, the rapper’s sweetheart, was shot in the upper arm also. She was before long brought to a close-by emergency clinic and recuperated half a month after the fact.

Early Life and Family

His dad’s name is NAB YoungBoy who is an American rapper and his mom’s name isn’t known. He has four siblings named Kamiri, Kayden, Kacey, and Kamron Gaulden.

Taylin Gaulden Career

Taylin Gaulden is the child of American rapper NAB YoungBoy for that he turns into a big name. At one year old, he highlighted with his dad on his dad’s Instagram account.

Individual Life, Girlfriend

The looking adorable kid Taylin Gaulden is four years of age and learned numerous things for his future life.

Individual Life – Parents and Siblings

Taylin Gaulden’s dad has had various associations with various ladies during his adoration life. For quite a while, it is a disputable subject to name Taylen Gaulden’s mother. YoungBoy Never Broke Again has dated ladies, in particular, Starr Dejanee, Jania Jackson, Danielle Bregoli, Malu Trevejo, Nisha, and Nia. Subsequent to parting ways with these ladies, NBA YoungBoy began dating Floyd Mayweather’s little girl, Yaya Mayweather. Right now, his dad partakes in a relationship with Yaya Mayweather who is a rap and hip-jump star, artist, YouTube star, and web-based media superstar. Assuming that I talk about Taylin Gaulden’s mom, she is Nia with whom his dad had a close connection.

Notwithstanding, Taylin Gaulden isn’t simply the lone offspring of NBA YoungBoy as he has four different kin in his loved ones. Taylin Gaulden’s kin are Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Gaulden.

Taylin Gaulden Car Accidents

Gaulden had endured a lethal mishap while he was going with his dad YoungBoy Never Broke Again in a vehicle. While going with his child and his sister, Mya, NBA YoungBoy failed to keep a grip on his vehicle on 24th June 2018. Whenever individuals caught wind of the deadly mishap, they inquired, “what befell Taylin Gaulden and his dad?” Fortunately, everybody in the vehicle ensures the auto accident without getting any injury.

Total assets

Starting in 2022, Taylin Gaulden is a young man and he isn’t prepared to enter his expert life. In this way, it is a waste of time to specify Taylin Gaulden’s total assets here. Notwithstanding, his dad, NBA YoungBoy partakes in a decent profession and his total assets circulate among his relatives. Taylin Gaulden, YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s third youngster, is an American rapper. Nia, a female with whom YoungBoy had a casual sexual encounter, brought forth the youngster on March 19, 2017.

In spite of being just 20 years of age, YoungBoy (genuine name: Kentrell DeSean Gaulden) has five kids: Kayden Gaulden, Kamron Gaulden, Taylin Gaulden, Kamiri Gaulden, and Kacey Alexander Gaulden. Whenever Nia told YoungBoy she was pregnant with his kid, YoungBoy Never Broke Again encouraged her to get a paternity test. YoungBoy found it was his youngster.

Taylin Gaulden, The Third Offspring of NBA YoungBoy

Taylin Gaulden is currently living with his folks, and subsequently, he is accepting their adoration. There is no information about how the couple initially met. They were not in a decent long-haul, serious relationship. His folks just converse with one another for his advantage. Star Child-Kayden Gaulden and Kamron Gaulden are two of his four kin from his dad’s exes.

Taylin Gaulden: Body Appearance

Taylin Gaulden is four years of age. He has a brown complexion tone and a full, lovable face. His nose has a curved shape. His foreheads are thick and dark, and his hair is thick and dark. Taylin Gaulden’s eyes are huge and dull brown.

Taylin Gaulden: Parents And Family

Nia became pregnant following a casual hookup. Whenever she enlightened NBA YoungBoy regarding her pregnancy, he didn’t really accept that he was his natural youngster. Subsequently, he requested that the child’s mom, Nia, submit to a DNA test. He later clarified why he led the test and why he didn’t trust the outcomes. Taylin Gaulden asserted that his child’s mother was exploitative and engaged in extramarital relations with his sibling.

He has fostered a solid connection to his child. Since he has care of Taylin, YoungBoy invests a great deal of energy with him. His dad Young Boys’ palatial bequest is the place where he and his kin reside, and they carry on with a sumptuous life. YoungBoy appreciates investing energy with his kids since it is essential for his everyday schedule.

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