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Solica Casuto
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Solica casuto was their second wife of Griffith their marriage took place in 1973 and lasted till 1981. Had no children when she got divorced. Casuto married Griffith for love, but their marriage did not last long. Griffith first married Barbara Bray Edwards on 22 August 1949.

From the marriage of Griffith and barbara Samuel Griffith, they had two children, one named Andy Samuel Griffith Jr and the other named Dickie Nan Griffith. When Griffith got married two children were born after about eight years of marriage About 8 years after Griffith’s marriage to Barbara Bray Edwards two children were born but after Solica casuto marriage to Griffith.

Solica Casuto Wiki

FULL NAME Solica Casuto
AGE 72 years old
PROFESSION Greek Actress

Solica Casuto Family

Would like to know about Issy’s family. As far as we have searched the internet there is no information about his parents. We cannot say anything about his family. It was once heard that he has one brother and one sister, but this is not confirmed. Will try to find out about it.


Took admitted to the school but after that, it is not confirmed whether Solica casuto joined college or university her name is not mentioned.

Solica Casuto Career

Was known and recognized as a very popular actress. She has worked very hard to become an actress and has shown it by working in every field. A lot of talent due to which everyone liked her. Any human being has to work hard to get ahead and this will affect everyone.

If you don’t have the passion to work hard, you can’t move forward. If youou want to move forward, you have to keep working on what you set your mind to. Not only celebrated her iron in acting but also worked very hard in singing, writing, producing, and making a name for herself.

Marriage life

Married Griffith in 1973. Their marriage was a love marriage but it did not last more than eight years and got divorced. Is not Griffith’s first wife but his first wife was Barbara Bray. When Griffith was married to Barbara Bray two children were born to him. When Solica casuto got married to Griffith, they did not have any children, maybe this was the reason for their divorce. It has been heard that Griffith’s favorite wife was Solica.

Both of them were divorced but still, there was a lot of love between them. The pair of Andy Griffith and Barbara were very popular and they both made a movie together called Ga Na which was liked by the people. Andy and Barbara traveled together to many countries. The duo was much loved when they were nineteen hundred in New York in 1954.

Andy and Barbara went together wherever they went, thus they made a lot of nanamesnd their music bookie duo became very popular with the public. Both of them had a very difficult music career but they worked hard to build their careers. Both of them were awarded an award. Andy Griffith’s Bane debut film became a super hit when it was released in cinemas.

Net worth

Solica casuto is a Greek actress who made a name for herself all over the world. We can guess that as she was a famous actress, she must have earned money as well. Solica casuto net worth is estimated at $1 million which is a good amount.

Relationship status and other information

If we talk about the marriage, their marriage lasted only eight years and no child was born to them. If there was a divorce between them, they went their separate ways and became engrossed in their respective careers. But it is heard that they had a very good friend even after their divorce. Viewers loved their pairing so much that y wanted to see them together. Andy Griffith used to communicate with Amina until he died in 2012.

Solica Casuto

Greek actress Solica Cassuto is maybe best known for being the wife of notorious American actor Andy Griffith. He was an American actor, patron, southern philosophy songster, pen, and social activist. The couple met on the set of a film they were both working on, and they fell in love and married in 1973. The two spent eight times together but the marriage didn’t last and they disassociated in 1981. 

In addition to acting, Solica Cassuto is also a TV patron, author, and songster. Andy Griffith’s first marriage was unlisted, and they didn’t have any children. still, he did marry another woman, Cindi Knight, and they disassociated in 1981. Although her first marriage was unknown, the couple’s relationship lasted five times. Since Andy Griffith’s first divorce, she has not married any other men.

Solica Cassuto is a Greek actress. She’s also an accomplished TV patron. She has been a southern philosophy songster. Her career was gauged for seven decades, and she acted in numerous pictures and television shows. Her marriage to Andy Griffith was a rocky one the two separated in 1971 and they disassociated in 1987. In 1981, Andy Griffith married Cindi Knight. They had two daughters together.

Solica Casuto 2

Solica Cassuto was born in Greece and wedded Andy Griffith in 1975. They were married five times but ultimately disassociated. She didn’t have any children with Andy. Even though she’s the alternate woman.

Andy Griffith has no other connections or family life. While there’s no information on her appearance, some websites give body measurements. It’s unknown if she has any children.

The marriage was uncommunicative and ended in a divorce. While Andy Griffith had several women who dated him, none of them married him. The couple also had two sons. They disassociated in 1972. The marriage between Solica and Andy Griffith was a happy bone that lasted five times. She was a cherished woman of Andy Griffith.

Solica Casuto was the alternate woman

Of Andy Griffith, who failed on July 3, 2012. The two were married five times but their first divorce was undisclosed. The marriage was secret. There’s no substantiation of the couple’s divorce. Andy Griffith and Solica Casuto didn’t have any children. But they remained uncommunicative, and the relationship continued until his death. The former was veritably near, but the relationship didn’t last long.

Solica Cassuto was born in the 1940s in Greece. She came notorious for her Greek pictures. She married Andy Griffith in 1975. The couple latterly separated in 1981. While their marriage was secret, they had a son, Soleil Griffith. Their children had numerous in common, including their names. During the time they were together, their love for each other grew stronger. It was clear that they were thick.

About her ex-husband

Andy Griffith’s real name is Andy Samuel Griffith, his date of birth is 1st June 1926, he has worked in many films, some of his famous projects are as follows.
Maghreb Ka Dil Khel Khelna Hai May Harry Ek Kamil Ki Diary etc.

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