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The Showbiz Industry is one of the glamorous spots in the world. Celebrities are a vital part of this platform. One of those popular celebrities is Ruby O Fee. She is also known as Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee. It is her actual name. Ruby is a popular German Actress. Scroll below to know some interesting factors about the young actress’s life.

Ruby O Fee, Birth, Early Life

The young actress was born in February 1996 in Costa Rica. She spent her childhood in Brazil. However, in 2008, She made the shift to Berlin Germany. Ruby is living with her German mother and Step French father in Berlin. She developed a passion to become an actor at an early age. First, She began her career as a model. Later she moved towards Film Industry. In 2010, Ruby played her first role in Against the Time. It was the beginning of her career. She was widely appreciated. Many filmmakers started thinking to cast her in their projects. Thus she made the first step in her career. Next, Ruby appeared in “Womb”. The other co-stars were Eva Green and Matt Smith. After that, The German actress appeared in the feature film Dandelion as Laila.  Apart from all that, Ruby has a strong vision to handle the odds and ends of life.

When Did Ruby O Fee Start her Career?

Moonstone Camilla Willow Fee was raised to glory within a short time. She started her career as a model, later turned toward Film Industry. Ruby performed her first lead role as Laila In Dandelion. Besides it, She also appeared in several TV series. Here is a shortlist of her filmography:

Ruby O Fee


  • In 2012, Ruby portrayed a specific role (as Angelette) in Black Brothers.
  • She received Globel Award as well as Jupiter Award  In 2014 for showing fabulous performance.
  • In 2010, ruby made another amazing appearance in Alone. She performed the lead role of Sophia Kellerman. In the same year, the young actress made two other big projects. In Womb, she appeared as Rebecca. The other one was Dandelion.
  • In 2013, Rube O Fee portrayed the central role in Detlev Buck’s film Bibi and Tina as SophiaGelenberg.
  • In 2016, the german actress complete another film project The Secret of the Midwife. It was a historical film. Furthermore, she was characterized in Zazy. Matthias was the director of this German psychological Thriller.
  • In 2019, the german actress made another brilliant appearance in Polar 2019.
  • Recently in 2020, Ruby is working on another film project Asphalt Burning’s Romy.
Marital Status
The 25 years old actress is still single. However, she is in a relationship with Matthias Schweighofer. They have both been dating since 2019. Yet no information is available about her marriage or other future plans.

How Old is Ruby O Fee?

The German actress is 5 feet 8 inches tall with attractive body stature. She has dark brown hair and eyes. Moreover, Her star sign is Aquarius.

Net worth

Ruby’s acting career consists of more than a decade. Throughout her career, she made brilliant performances. Thus, she might have a fair share of wealth. Her estimated net worth is $100. However, there are fair chances of increasing as Ruby is working on many big projects.

Ruby O Fee Instagram

The young German actress is having an Instagram account with 206.3 K followers.

  5 Must-watch Movies by Ruby O Fee 

1. Polar 2019

Polar is a 2019 neo-noir thriller dependent on the 2012 webcomic of a similar name. Jonas Åkerlund is the director. The film stars Mads Mikkelsen, Vanessa Hudgens, Katheryn Winnick, and Matt Lucas. It rotates around a maturing professional killer very nearly retirement. He himself gets focused on his boss willing to capitalize on his annuity. Ruby appears as Sindy in this thriller. The film was delivered on January 25, 2019, gushing on Netflix as a unique.

2. Secrets of the Midwife

Roland Suso Richter is the director of this masterpiece. It was released in 2016. The plot revolves around a young girl Marthe. Ruby O Fee played this role. Marthe is a young lady with an extraordinary blessing: she can fix sicknesses. However, the time she lives in is set apart by strange notions and righteousness. At the point when Marthe can not assistance the burgrave’s better half from her town, the young lady needs to escape. In the Middle Ages an unbelievably long and burdensome way. Christian struggles to stay away from the interest of Marthe. However, their different foundations make a relationship outlandish and the pilgrims fear the bizarre young lady.

3.  Bibi Tina

Directed by Detelve Buck, released in 2013. Ruby appears Sophia v Gelenberg. Bibi Tina is an adventurous Television series comprised of puzzling and funny shots.

4.Die schwarzen Brüder (2013)

Directed by  Xavier Koller.

The film tells of the gripping adventures of the chimney sweep boys. Up until the center of the 19Th century, destitution-stricken mountain ranchers from the Ticino space of Switzerland oftentimes offered their kids to Milan as a stack clears or spazzacamini. That is additionally youthful Giorgio’s destiny. Rubi o Fee appeared as Angeletta along with other costars; Waldemar Cobus,  Richy Muller, Mortiz Bleibtreu and Sabine Timoteo.  The film was an adoption of the novel Die schwarzen Brüder written by a German writer  Lisa Tetzner one of the famous writers of children’s books.

5. Asphalt Burning 2020

Black-top Buring (Børning 3) is a 2020 Norwegian Action-Comedy film and the third portion of the Børning film arrangement. It debuted in Norway on August 12, 2020, and was streamed around the world on Netflix on January 2, 2021. Ruby O Lee is characterized as Romy.

 Interesting facts of Life

1. Ruby O Fee is widely recognized due to her role in Die Schwarzen Bruder.

2. Currently, Miss Fee is living in Germany along with her German mother and French stepfather.
3. She is 25 years old and possesses very charming looks. The actress has dark brown hair and eyes.
4. Reading, Photography, and Travelling are her favorite hobbies.
5. Throughout her acting career, She appeared in many films as well as TV series.
6. The young actress is currently dating Matthias Schweighofer.
7. Ruby is capable to handle all the odds and ends of life. She feels relaxed and calm in Solitude. That’s why prefers to live alone 
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