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Mahni Ghorashi is a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur as well as an investor. He has established and enabled to development of a volume of ventures to exit in Silicon Valley, containing Bina (developed Roche), Clear Labs, LiteScape (developed Dell), and Trapit (developed ScribbleLive).

I hope that at present, Mahni operates Strategy at Launch Tennessee, the state of Tennessee’s financial growth initiative to stimulate initial phase startup investments. In this position, then he supervises venture capital and portfolio enterprises, seven entrepreneurial incubators. University and government-lab tech-transfer and licensing programs, business growth, University arrangement, and policy outreach. He has been rewarded with a consultation in New York Times, Forbes, Wired, Fortune, CNN, and as well as in CNBC. He accompanied Yale, MIT, and Vanderbilt Universities and has learned piano with the staff of the Julliard School. therefore Mahni has guest lectures in lessons on entrepreneurship at Standford University. and at MIT university as well.

Jobs of Mahni Ghorashi

Unless Mahni Ghorashi is performing 4 jobs at present, containing technology. Director at Launch Tennessee, Chief Strategy Officer at Launch Tennessee. and the position of Co-founder at LiteScape Technologies. Besides, he had done one additional career in the past as the Co-founder at Clear Labs. Mahni Ghorashi is also a Consultant at CQI Solutions.

Educational Status, Public Policy, and Investment

He attended Farragut High School and received a BS degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Sloan School of Management in 2005, he earned a Ph.D. program in English at Yale University and accompanied MBA from Vanderbilt University.  Many presently boost the responsibility of the Chief Strategy Officer at Launch Tennessee, the state of Tennessee’s initial phase venture economic development engine. to stand on the director team. Launch Tennessee enables the statewide economy by promoting capital formation, and market building. and delivering the required reserves to assure sustainable growth for entrepreneurs and investors. As the role of Chief Strategy Officer, Ghorashi governs state state-wide ventures, capital, and portfolio Investments.  ity meetings, private regions, and policy outreach. equally important guest-lectured on entrepreneurship at Stanford and MIT universities.

What is Launch Tennessee?

Whenever Launch Tennessee is a public-private cooperation company. The company is concentrated on benefiting the improvement of high-growth firms in the State of Tennessee with the utmost purpose of facilitating job or innovation and financial growth.

What are Clear labs?

Above all through innovative clinical and food safety testing technologies, they tend to deliver clarity in infectious disease genomic that can help protect human lives. It is a strategy that stimulates consequences and enhances exactness, from food-borne pathogens to infectious diseases, including diseases like ARS-CoV-2.

Initial Career of Mahni Ghorashi

This American entrepreneur began a region survey as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley. Conversely, he established and enabled the cultivation of several ventures to the entrance of Silicon Valley, comprising Trapit, Bina, and LiteScape, in 2014. After this, he Co-founded Clear Lab, a private genomics testing firm headquartered in California, San Carlos, And United States. It executes high-throughput DNA sequencing tests to discern if food samples encompass the genetic materials of a particular pathogen. It can also analyze a food’s ingredients used to make it, its GMO status, or can tell if it can be co-tamed by any Human or animal’s DNA.

Moreover Ghorashi founded Clear labs with Sasan Amini; they both departed from their duties at genomic companies to begin the startup of Clear Labs. These Two acquired $6.5 million in series A financing in 2015. In 2017, the company completed a $16 million Series B funding round and attended by another 21$ million round in October 2018. The company put up a follow-on round of $18 million in May of 2020 and $6,0 million series C for $123.5 million. The company was recorded as one of Forbes’s 25 most innovative Ag-tech startups.

Personal Life of Mahni Ghorashi

Further Mahni Ghorashi is an American Entrepreneur, born on July 13, 1983, in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. This 39-year-old entrepreneur is a classical pianist and learned it with the faculty of the Julliard School.

  • Mahni Ghorashi has contributed to 21 events. They most recently visited in the following events:
  •  Future Food-Tech NYC 2021 on July 21, 2021, Speaker
  • WSJ Tech D.Live 2021 on October 19, 2020, as Speaker
  • International Conference on Energy and Environmental Technology and Economics (ICEETE) as Exhibitor
  • Cleantech Forum Europe May 18, 2020, as Contestant.
  • Cleantech Forum San Francisco on Jan 27, 2020, as a Speaker.
  • W Exhibitory Capital Assembly on Dec 3 2019 as , a sponsor
  • San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 31, 2019.

Contact of Mahni Ghorashi

since To contact this Chief Commercial Officer and Co-founder of cleatransparents, Mahni Ghorashi, the email address and contacts were they researched with the help of Google.

  • Location, Menlo Park, California, United States
  • Email is
  • Personal Number, 865-360-3720
  • Company Number 650-227-0220
  • In case of these numbers not working, the other despite contact are includes 650-462-1676, 650-257-3304, and 650-257-3304, these can also help you to contact Mahni Ghorashi

This email included the Number which is provided here that is well researched and are valid, research analyzed by Google.

What are the Skills of Mahni Ghorashi?

Likewise, British entrepreneur has a lot of skills and is super talented. His skills include:

  • Start-ups,
  • Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Business Development
  • Business Strategy
  • Venture Capital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Negotiating
  • Marketing Communication
  • Cross-Functional

And it also includes a lot of other skills which made him what he is today.

Is Mahni Ghorashi a Successful Entrepreneur?

Someone who arranges a business or many businesses, while developing economic obstacles in the urge of revenue, this individual will be referred to as an entrepreneur. In this field, Bill Gates has made a big name. they now talking about Mahni Ghorashi,  he serves as an entrepreneur in silicon valley and has organized a lot of investments to exit Silicon Valley, involving Bina (developed Roche), Lite Scape (developed dell), and Trapit (developed Scribble Live). So that means he is one of the hard-working and talented Entrepreneurs. He is doing his best to be the best Entrepreneur as well.

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