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Makena Lei Gordon

Makena Lei Gordon’s father is Michael Carnahan, a well-known producer-writer and director.  Lei Gordon was born on May 14, 2004, in the US state of California. His mother’s name is Helen; famous for being a director and actress.  Gordon is the only daughter of her parents. She has no sister or brother. Makena Lei Gordon weighs about 58 kg. And almost 5 feet 2 inches tall. Gordon is the only daughter of her parents, which is why she fell in love with her parents.

 I would appreciate charming words about my mother: she would be a great actress and come on screen. Makena Lei Gordon’s parents believe they are so excited that they will be successful in their career byte that the decision. Talking about her parents, Makena said they are her greatest strength, and there is no other great strength besides them. All the information contained in this article is taken from the Internet. In this article, we have been learning about Amina’s family background, career education, and net worth.


IDENTITY Makena Lei Gordon
DATE OF BIRTH May 14, 2004
PLACE OF BIRTH US state of California
AGE 18 (in 2004)
HEIGHT IN CENTIMETER & FEET 157 cm, 5 feet 2
RELIGION Christianity

Personal Life-Makena Lei Gordon

Makena Lei Gordon is an American citizen and belongs to the Christian religion. She is a truth-telling girl. She is a very loyal and beautiful woman to work with. With Does, his work is lovely and brutal. If Makena is free, she likes to read books, listen to music, and watch movies. I have never heard of her being in a relationship with anyone. She is an unmarried girl, and let her focus on education and acting. Makena Lei Gordon’s parents divorced when she was 13 years old. Lei Gordon’s parents are very cheerful and friendly.


Makena Lei Gordon is an outstanding and beautiful actress. Peace is the beginning of his career. He was very young, but he was not paying more attention to his job because he was a university student and a student now working on his education. In the movie Lift, she acted as the girl on the airplane; unexpectedly, the movie was written by her mum, Helen Hunt. As if that wasn’t enough, she got featured in another film, The Phenomenon Season. In that movie, she acted as Ruby. The movie describes the hunt of a group of high academy girls to crop as the top finalist in the state crown.

After the sad death of a star, a Volleyball player called Caroline Line Plant, a platoon of discouraged players must unite under the direction of their trainer in the desire to win the state crown. And she was talking about the youthful actresses ’ parents. Her mama’s name is Helen Elizabeth Hunt, and she was born on the 15th of June, 1963. She’s an expert actress and a filmmaker. She has bagged several awards, including the Academy Award and 5 Emmy Awards. She came into the spotlight when she got featured in the sitcom; named Frenetic About You( 1992- 1999). In that movie, she played the part of Jamie Buchman.

Career 2-Makena Lei Gordon

Her other pictures include Twister( 1996), As good as it gets( 1997), Castaway( 2000), What women want( 2000), pay it forward( 2000), Bobby( 2006), Soul cyber surfer ( 2011), and The phenomenon season( 2018). She has an aged family called Colleen Hunt. Helen Hunt was first wedded to an actor, Hank Azaria, In 1999 after they had dated in 1994. I fell in love; I had a son.

Finding a part of me that was as intriguing as watching her grow up was hard. Why pretend to be someone’s mama or woman when I eventually had the chance to have that experience in my real life? Helen Hunt described her trip as being a mama in many words. These were her words describing what it felt to take on the journey of a mama, and these words interpreted how intimate she was with her son.

Unfortunately, their marriage hit the slipup in 2000. The expert actress had begun a relationship with a movie director, Matthew Carnahan, who happens to be the father of Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan. As forenamed, Helen started a relationship with Matthew Carnahan, leading to the birth of the youthful actress, Makena. She had a pater, and he was born on the 6th of February, 1961.  He’s a patron, pen, and film director. Mathew had started seeing Helen in 2001. Three times into the relationship, they both had a son, Makena Carnahan.

Net Worth

Makena Lei Gordon has recently stepped into the film industry. But he made a lot of money in such a short time. In 2022, Makena Lei Gordon’s total income is estimated at three and a half thousand dollars. However, Makena Lei Gordon’s parents are very famous personalities. According to one estimate, Makena Lei Gordon’s father’s father  has a total income of $ 20 million, and his mother’s income is almost $ 75 million. Lei Gordon is a much better life than being a famous parent.

Social Media

Makena Lei Gordon is also very young. She doesn’t like to come on so many social media accounts, and she doesn’t share any information about her personal life because she doesn’t have any social media accounts.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan Parents

Helen Elizabeth Hunt was born on June 15, 1963, in California, USA.  Her mama, Jane Elizabeth née Noves, worked as a shooter, and her father, Gordon Hunt, was a film, voice, stage director, and acting trainer. Her uncle, Peter. Hunt was also a director. Motherly grandmother, Dorothy( Anderson) Feasts, was a voice trainer.

Hunt’s paternal grandmother was from a German- Jewish family, while Hunt’s other grandparents were of English descent( her motherly forefather was born in England), with a Methodist religious background. When she was three, Hunt’s family moved to New York City, where her father directed theatre, and Hunt attended plays several times a week as a child. Hunt studied ballet and compactly participated at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Makena Lei Gordon Carnahan Parents 2

She’s the philanthropist of multitudinous accolades, including an Academy Award, four Primetime Emmy Awards, and four Golden Globe Awards. A set in two thousand 1992 1999 Hunt fame, whose name was Mad About You. which earned her three Golden Globe Awards for Stylish Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy and four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Hunt also starred in a romantic movie in 1997, which was named as good as it gets. At the same time, her depiction of Cheryl Cohen- Greene in The Sessions( 2012) gained her a nomination for the Academy Award for Stylish Supporting Actress. Her other notable flicks include Twister( 1996), Cast Down( 2000), What Women Want( 2000), Pay It Forward( 2000), Bobby( 2006), Soul Cybersurfed ( 2011), and. The Phenomenon Season( 2018). Helen started directing in 2007. And has directed the film Lift( 2014) and occurrences of TV series, including House of Falsehoods, This Is Us, Feud Bette and Joan, American Housewife, and the premiere occasion of the Frenetic About You reanimation.

Career Helen

Hunt began working as a child actress in the 1970s. Her early places included an appearance as Murray Slaughter’s son. The Mary Tyler Moore Show as the son of George Segal’s main character in Rollercoaster( 1977) alongside Lindsay Wagner in an occasion. The Bionic Woman an appearance in the event of Ark II called Omega and a regular part in the TV series The Swiss Family Robinson.

She appeared as a marijuana-smoking classmate on an occasion of The Data of Life. In 1982, Hunt played a youthful woman who, while on PCP, jumps out of an alternate-story window in a made- for- TV film called Hopeless Lives( a scene.

In 1983, she starred in Bill On His Own with Mickey Rooney and played Tami Maida in the fact-grounded product Quarterback Princess; both were made- for TV flicks. Which she mocked during a Saturday Night Live rant in 1994) ( 10), and she was cast on the ABC sitcom It Takes Two, which lasted only one season.

Career Helen 2

Away as Colleen Williams, the gal of Jack Boomer Morrison, and had a notable guest appearance as a cancer-stricken mama-to-be in a two-part occasion of Trace to Heaven. By the medial and late 1980s, Hunt had begun appearing in plant flicks aimed at teenage followership. Her first significant film part was that of a punk gemstone girl in the sci-fi film Trances ( 1984). She played the friend of an army brat in the comedy Girls Want to Have Fun( 1985), with Sarah Jessica Parker and Shane Doherty, and appeared as the son of a woman on the verge of divorce in Francis Ford Coppola’s Peggy Sue Got Married( 1986), alongside Kathleen Turner. In 1987, Hunt starred with Matthew Broderick in Project X as a graduate pupil assigned to watch for chimpanzees used in a secret Air Force design.

In 1988, she appeared in Stealing Home as Hope Wyatt, the family of Billy Wyatt, played by Mark Harmon and a cast featuring Jodie Foster and Harold Rami. Next, Kin ( 1989) featured her as the pregnant woman of a respectable bobby. Contrary to Patrick Swayze and Liam Nelson. In 1990, Hunt appeared with Tracey Ullman and Morgan Freeman in a Wild West interpretation of The Reining of the Shrew at the Delatorre. Theater in Central Park. ( 11) In 1991, Hunt starred in Trances II, the direct- to- videotape effect to Trances ( 1984), and played the lead womanish part in the sitcom. My Life and Times, which only vented for six occurrences. Both actors were temporarily dazed by bright electronic lights half through filming and demanded hepatitis shots after shooting in a particularly unsanitary gutter.


In 1992, she’d appear in the drama The Waterdance as a married woman having an affair with a pen; in the stew comedy Only You, as a trip agent and the love interest of a doll’s house developer; in the mockumentary Bob Roberts as Rose Pond ell a field journalist at WLNO; and Mr. Saturday Night as a youthful agent named Annie Well.

1995, Hunt played the woman of annex-con living in Queens alongside Nicolas Cage by Kiss of Death, a veritably approximately grounded remake of the 1947 film noir classic of the same name. In the disaster action film Twister( 1996), Hunt starred with Bill Paxton as storm chasers probing tornadoes. Twister was the alternate-loftiest-grossing film of 1996, behind Independence Day. The movie ended with estimated tickets in the US. It madeUS$494.5 million around the globe.

Valley of the Boom is a six-part American docudrama TV miniseries created, directed, and administratively produced by Carnahan. It premiered on January 13, 2019, on National Geographic. Carnahan studied at New York University and the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre. In 1992, Hunt returned for her fourth and final spin as Lena in trances III, an alternate effect of the series including Trancers1.5, among her five film releases.  He has a son, Emmett Carnahan(b. 1998), from a former relationship and a son, Mákena Lei Gordon Carnahan( born 2004), with actress and longtime mate Helen Hunt. In August 2017, the couple split after 16 times together.


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